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I know this is a bit random I was just wondering if anyone knew of any decent tattooist in/around Manchester?

I don't know where else to ask so was just looking for advice thanks

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I know this is a bit random I was just wondering if anyone knew of any decent tattooist in/around Manchester?

I don't know where else to ask so was just looking for advice thanks

Afflecks Palace on the edge of the Northern Quarter.
The Parting of the Waves on Oxford road (above Johnny Roadhouse music, can tell where it is by the saxophone on the building) is meant to be pretty good, also heard good things about Sacred Art in Chorlton. There are some in the northern quarter which my friends went to when they were underage - so frankly I wouldn't trust a place that didn't check ID.
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I was wondering how much does a small colour tattoo cost on average???
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I was wondering how much does a small colour tattoo cost on average???

Depends on how small, how detailed and how many colours. Also on the experience of the tattooist.
I got a tattoo at parting of the waves 7 years ago, and although lawrence (the guy who runs it) is proficient, he's not the best around.

I got a 9 1/2 hour piece done by Bancha (the thai artist) at Studio81 in afflecks, and he was brilliant, he designed it and people always say it's one of the most intricate tats they've ever seen. I've got friends who've had work done over the road from afflecks (cant remember the name) and that's all been really good as well. I've heard good stuff about sacred art, and seen some brilliant work that they've done too.

Whatever you do, DON'T go to the place in selfridges.

Happy inking
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apparently the guy who does the tats in Selfridges beat david beckhams tatooist in a comp, so I heard! He does Harry Kewel.
I took a leaflet from the piercing/tattoing place in Selfridges and the piercing is so overpriced! Since we're kind of on a mod theme here - best place for piercing? I checked out Holier Than Thou's site and they seem pretty professional and very reasonably priced.

freshestkid, would you post a pic of your tattoo? Sounds interesting!
Zeb - that's Louis Molloy that does becks's tats, very well respected but in my humble opinion a bit overrated, i just don't get the hype.

Starless - do you have a facebook or myspace account? i dont have a photobucket one and i dont want to shrink the pic down to 500k for this site, as you wouldnt be able to see any of the real detail.

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freshest the kid use i wanna see this also :smile:
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Tiger Tattoos in Sale.

They've got a good reputation. I had my first tattoo there and it's perfect.
Larry, what did you think of Bancha? He had this thai film about these guys having xylaphone battles on pretty much every time i was in there, and i couldn't really understand him, but was a pretty cool guy. To the people who wanted to see my tat, bear with me, im at uni now and can't upload my pic to my myspace profile for a week or so.
Really helpful question to ask! Not knowing Manchester very well, I was also wanting to know where the best place to go is...
:suitc: I went to a place in Manchester for my Tatt called Studio 81, sound place I was told by the crew at uni with a top reputation. Went in with my mate to have my own design on my arm, nothin special but i designed it so was very special to me.

Soon as got to the top of the stairs was greeted by a smile and a welcoming hello which was reassuring as this was my first tattoo and i was brickin it:frown:

Had been booked in earlier in the week by another guy to see a tattoist from Thailand called Bancha which i was buzzin about. He didnt seem interested in me from the off. When we finally did get started after me having to sit watching him eat his dinner in what i thaught was my time, all he did was ignore me and tut and moan. I tried to chat with this guy but the fella is just rude.

I spent some time in Thailand last year and the Thai people were great so i thaught he would be the same but this guy was an exception to the rule, suppose theres one rotten apple in every barrel eh ?

He finally finished my tattoo and mumbled something about looking after it before wrapping some dressing around my arm and walking past me out of the shop. The bloke on the counter thankfully went over everything coz i didnt understand a damn thing he mumbled to me.

I am going back to Studio 81 for sure but this time not to him, three other artists to choose from next time. :rolleyes:
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Holier Than Thou or In2Skin
Parting of the waves
Don't think HTT do tattoos do they? Just piercings, but if you ever want one go to them. Really good, rather cheap too (an example of when cheap doesn't mean rubbish!).

Hm, try Affleck's Palace or I've heard stuff about In2Skin too...though I dont have any tattoos, just from what mates have said
:biggrin: Studio 81 is a mint place to go all the guys in there are top. Just dont go to that little Thai guy, I have spoke to a few people that have been and arnt happy with his work or his attitude, when I had mine done it was naff. I dont know if he is just a visiting artist or what. The other three well recomended though:wink:

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HTT don't do tattoos at that studio, but they have their own tattoo studio in...Sheffield, I think. The site doesn't seem to work though.
listen to me people,i've just had a back piece completed by a very talented tattoo artist' it's a tribal design and it's taken many ,many,hours of skill to achive the finished result , the gentleman whom i have to thank for designing and carrying out this most striking tattoo was Bancha from studio 81 oldham st manchester i have dealt with quite afew tattoo artist over the years and i would recomend Bancha to anyone oh btw my profile pic is the backpiece

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