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Hi everyone!

I am currently doing an access course to medicine being a mature student with a 4 year old daughter. I am really excited about hopefully studying orthoptics i just had a few questions for anybody who is doing/ or done the degree. I live in Manchester and im gutted that they dont even offer it as a degree here so i would be commuting into liverpool (if i got a place) to study as obvs i couldnt move to liverpool myself. Does this seem viable? Also when you do placements r they really all over the place? I would obvs do what i needed to but just worry about being away for long periods from my daughter..Everything about this degree appeals to me its really the only degree apart from optometry where everything about the job interests me, but i dont feel i would get the high grades needed for optometry anyway(though that isnt in any way the reason i wana do orthoptics!)
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Hi there,
I'm one of the student ambassadors at Liverpool, so happy to answer any questions Also have a look at us on Facebook and twitter (@livuniorthoptic) to see other questions people ask, and what we get up to. Commuting is possible, there's people in every year that commute from home (including Manchester) of course it can be a problem though if trains get cancelled etc when you need to be on time for a lecture (and Uni is uphill from the station!) but students can manage it well. Placement allocations are widespread it's not possible to request a particular site, so this is something to bear in mind. In first year your longest placement would be 3 weeks, then 4 weeks in second and third year to possibly be away. If you can come to our next open day, you'll be able to ask questions in person and speak to the lecturing and admissions staff about your concerns too. Hope this helps you!

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