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Runnymede Campus (Brunel)

I saw the room online from Brunel's website, but has anyone actually stayed there and can share with me what it's like?

It doesn't specify whether it's catered or not, but I take it that it isn't. Is there a basin or perhaps en-suite facilities in the Runnymede hall?

And how far away is it from uni?

Thanks in advance!!

p.s. when does freshers week start?
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I stayed at Kingswood in my first year, brunel is just round the corner. Its not that far from campus, 15 min walk. There's a regular college bus service that you can use though.

Freshers week starts on Mon 25th September. Lots of stuff going on! Freshers fayre will run from Thursday to Friday where you can sign up for societies and clubs.
Founders Building, Royal Holloway
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I stayed in Brunel for the first few months, and then moved up the road to Kingswood. Brunel is quite an old campus. It's self-catered, and you get a sink in your room. The rooms are a fair size. You have to pay to use the bus, last year for the first term it was £75, then about £80 for the second (roughly).

It's a quiet campus, but I'd say how "fun" it is depends on who you are staying with/who is in your corridor.
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Never had to pay for the bus in my first year, then again there was only one bus that was always breaking down and when it did actually decide to move it went at a painfully slow speed!
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Kingswood people don't pay for the bus because it was in the fees, but Brunel people have to pay seperately.