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There are so many cities that I love...

Barcelona is gorgeous, some of the buildings there are awesome (particularly some of Gaudi's work) and its got such a nice atmosphere.

Frieburg (Southern Germany) is not a big famous city, but its very pretty, very safe and really clean (and it has good shops!).

Venice is a very nice city, I love all the little alleys everywhere, you can spend hours wandering around and never go down the same alley twice, amazing place.

Vancouver is really nice, especially round by the harbour area. However it is HUGE and apparently there are some not so nice sides to it.

I've never been too keen on Paris or London, both seem quite dirty, and full of people trying to sell you crappy souveniers on the streets. Saying that though, I do like to go into London every once in a while, seeing as it only takes half an hour on the train it'd be a waste not to take advantage of it being so near.

Favourite British city - hmmm, Oxford is really nice, as is Cambridge (the college buildings add to the whole atmosphere around the city centres), I've never been to any of the big Northern cities so can't really say if i'd like them or not (sad thing is I've probably visited more cities in France than in England!).
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(Original post by andy_b)
If I could live in one place right now, it would be London. Anyone been to any of these London clubs :

Storm, Leicester Square
Oxygen, Leicester Square
The Dome, Tufnell Park

They are all awesome.
No, yes, and yes.
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