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Anyone scared to go to Durham:)?

is anyone?

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i dont midn going for a trip to the city that will probably be quite fun

but uni, yes, im scared.

No friends
no1 to fall back on
what if people dont like you?
what if it all goes wrong?
what if you want to come home?
what if you dont like your course?
what if you dont have enough cash?
what if your roommates an *******?

wooo the fear of Independence:frown:
Chemistry Research, Durham University
Durham University
I havent been worried because this time last year I thought I would probably never end up going to a good university and now that I am I'm just excited. But you can bet that when I'm just about to go I'll be nervous...couple a days later I'll be fine though...same as everyone else
I'm terrified :frown:
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Ahh god there are no words to describe my fear lol

But theres really no other way out, i ahve to go to uni

If i dont ill have to get a real job and thats just as scary, and if i decide notto go ill feel bad for the rest of my life thinking that i threw away an oppurtunity to go somewhere like durham and didnt take it up.

Im not the most confident person, but if i dont sort out the problem now and confront it, then it will just be worse int he future when im forced to be openly sociable
I wouldnt have thought youd be nervous goldenbarnes your on the forum all the time it certainly makes me feel better talking to everyone
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I'm caking it, to be frank.
I am really excited as well, which makes it better.

But the excitement hinges on the prospect of actually making friends and fitting in and having fun etc.

I must admit the sociable situations like matriculation,balls and formals make me a little nervous but only really becuase Im not used to things like that coz Im from cumbria and we never had any proper ocassions at school or college or anything. But Ive bought a beautiful dress so I feel prepared at least:smile:
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I still haven't got a dress. One of my mates started at Durham last year and she says that a dress and a smart skirt+top will do for the time being so I need to get a move on.
well if everyone bothered to put a pic on their profiles then at least wed all recognize each other and would probably feel more comfortable approaching one another...Im sure making friends wont be that difficult. I went to drama school auditions last year which were really intimidating but I just tried to be confident and talk to ppl and I found that I ended up hanging around with the type of ppl I usualy get on with anyway
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what the hell is a matriculation?

do i have to go or can i avoid it?

What do i wear?


now im more nervous
Dont worry about it too much guys, its the most incredible experience! I think there was some degree of awkwardness with people for the first 10 days or so, but then when I made proper friends and really got to know people, it completely disappeared and I was completely comfortable at uni.
Im addicted to buying clothes so as soon as I realised I needed one I bought it and loads of other clothes, boots and shoes I probably wont end up wearing:redface:
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another question - when does uni start? lol. when do we actually have to be in durham by?
as far as I know, matriculation is a formal event at the cathedral for your registration to the uni...someone correct me if I'm wrong
well Im at cuths and we arrive on the saturday, 30th september
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k, so do i have to go on 29th then?

and is freshers week 30th?

so lessons start on like 7th or soemthing
term begins on the 4th
what college you going to ollie?
well Im at cuths and we arrive on the saturday, 30th september

Hmm, it said on my Collingwood letter that no fresher can arrive (apart from international students) on any other day but Sunday 1st October. Are different colleges different?