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So I've come to the conclusion that I'm either going to be doing

A-level Music, Music Tech, English and Philosophy

or BTEC Performing Arts.

Now I've researched around and loads of people are telling me different things. The thing is, I'm bright enough to probably get good grades in A-levels. However, I love performing arts, and the only way to get into a good drama school and to get into that career path is to take a performing arts qualification.

Here's the tricky part:

If I take Performing Arts, I'm going to be doing the thing I love the most but I'm going to be narrowing my career path dramatically and I know the task of getting into drama school is an extremely difficult process etc etc. And it's a BTEC which means universities (if I decide not to go to drama school) won't look at it the same way they do with A-levels.

If I take A-levels, I'm going to be decreasing the chance of getting into drama school but I'm going to be increasing the chance of getting into a university, even though the course I'm going to take will probably have a narrow career path of its own. It's also A-levels which is good. However, the Drama options in A-levels such as Theatre Studies and Performance Studies are more theory based, and that's not required as much to get into musical theatre/acting/a more practical theatre job. Plus, I dislike theory a little bit.

I've heard people telling me 'if you want to do academic stuff at university, go for A-levels. If you want to do more arts stuff, go for BTEC' but that statement makes it even harder to choose. My passion is also English, I love everything about it, and I'd hate to give that up because it gives me a second chance if my first option (drama school) doesn't work out.

Many people are telling me not to give up on A-levels because I'm 'capable enough of getting good grades and getting into a top university'. However, I'm not sure that path is the one I want to take, and I need more opinions from people who don't know me. :P

Someone please help me out. I have to choose next year as I'll be going into Year 11.

tl;dr: Want to take either BTEC or A-levels. A-levels will have English and have greater chance of getting into a good university, but it'll decrease the chance of getting into drama school. BTEC will increase that chance, but will decrease my other options in case drama school doesn't work out. However, BTEC is pretty much the only route as far as I know to get into drama school, which is where I want to go at the moment.
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Just focus on the career you want at the end of it and work back from there so if you want to be a drama teacher then A-Levels are best. But if you want to be a performer on stage then Btecs are probably best, think beyond Uni or drama school.

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