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Just like many schools, my school will be off timetable for the first two days back. I was just wondering what activities/tasks people have in mind for their pupils. I'll be teaching year 5 and here are my ideas:

My ideas won't really include getting to know the children as such, because I had a transition day with them before summer where I did them type of activities.

Once the formalities of rules and expectations are over with I will show them a sealed box that is 'all about me'. Show chn box of contents about myself and reveal one at a time. Chn to guess why they think the object is there.

Guess who game – Children are to write down some information on a sheet of paper. Invite a child out at random with their back to the board. Read the clues out. The child is to try guess who the person is.

Literacy: Play the grammar game (day 1) where chn write an adjective, noun, verb and prepositional phrase down on different slips of coloured paper, put in an envelope and pass around the room to some music. The envelope gets passed around after each word is put in. Chn to open envelope after all 4 slips are in and then form a silly sentence adding any necessary words or changing the tense. Kids absolutely love this. The sentences are extremely silly but it gives them a sense of reordering sentences and changing adjectives to adverbs to use at the start of the sentence as a fronted adverbial (e.g. changing mysterious to mysteriously).

Literacy (day 2): Pie Corbett magic bed activity. Google it. Will help to promote creative writing and really set the tone for writing for the year.

Maths (day 1): Maths scavenger hunt using follow me times tables and division facts loop cards that are placed around the room. Do in pairs. Chn to work out the answer and find the answer attached to another card. This will be beneficial for my class as their times tables knowledge is somewhat scratchy and will be a good refresher for those who do know them.

Maths (day 2): 2D shape task with sticky notes. Really fun and educational way to introduce shape. Chn have to create the shape I put on the board by folding sticky notes. They then have to create more complex shapes by putting two or more sticky notes together. Promotes creative thinking and resilience to keep trying new alternatives.

Other activities: Introduction to topic with a hook
Science: Start off with a bang. My topic is materials and their properties so mentos and coke or the flubber experiment will be coming their way.

The following two days:
Literacy: Write a recount of their summer holidays
Maths: First 2 sessions on place value

Post any ideas you might have, and 'magpie' others!

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