Next Gen Gears Of War Discussion Thread!

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Hopefully this topic is allowed and whatnot, not sure if this is advertising but anyway...

so for those who dont know

Microsoft had purchased The Gears Of War IP from EPIC Games in January and was handed down to Black Tusk Studios to develop the game.

Since then it has been more than 100 days and the game is still in the concept stage. Rod Fergusson is back as the studio manager for Black Tusk Studios and will be overseeing the next gears development!

We have now Stephen Toulouse on board as director of community engagement! for those who dont who he is, he used to be director of xbox live enforcement and policy (also jokingly known as head banhammer lol)

Whats happening now is Black Tusk are changing events on existing games right now they are testing new event capabilities so they are chosing events themselves right now but it will go back to community based polls to choose events.

Anyhow so who's hyped for the next gears of war game?

Despite they are keeping a lid of news right now, Im very much excited about the upcoming game. Apparently we will have news later this year.

share your thoughts on the next gen gears here and even talk about the existing games in the franchise here

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