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I have exam in physics, who can answer or imagine ?
What does the Standard Model of particle physics assert?

  • That if the strings are untied, the world will collapse.
  • That the universe consists of a dozen different building blocks at the subatomic level.

  • That the world is made up of lots of small strings.

  • That the world was created by a 'big bang'.

What is the main problem with the Standard Model of particle physics?

  • It doesn't take gravity into account.
  • Quarks and leptons are too small to be proved.
  • The four fundamental forces don't consist of particles.
  • The number of fundamental building blocks is incorrect.

What is the main criticism of string theory?

  • It doesn't take gravity into account.
  • It is impossible for everything to be made of string.
  • It's unscientific, as it can't be properly tested.
  • String theory has been proved as fake.

What are high energy particle accelerators?

  • A kind of sports drink.
  • A team of French and Swiss scientists.
  • An alternative theory to string theory.
  • Large machines that crash particles together at high speeds.

What do you think about string theory?

  • Believing in string theory might be implausible.
  • Even if string theory is later disproved, it is a useful view to consider.
  • In spite of all its attributes, string theory has too many flaws.
  • We should ignore the skeptics.


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