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Hi. I need help planning out my grade 10 timetable for high school. I have 8 courses in two semesters, so 4 courses in each semester. The 8 courses I have are English, math, science, French, accounting, intro to computer studies, history, and civics/careers. Before I tell you what I have in mind for each semester, please also consider the work load for each class! This is very important because I don’t want to stress myself out.

My first semester (What I have in mind): Intro to computer studies, accounting, history, and French.

My second semester (What I have in mind): English, math, science, and careers/civics.

The reason that I put Engish, math and science for second semester, because I take English, math, and science lessons outside of school, so I can tell my tutor to help prepare me for those subjects in the first semester. This will make it easier for me for second semester. I am having trouble as to when I should take my accounting course. My dad is an accountant, so he can teach me. But my dad won’t be in the country for one and a half month, so if I have some homework questions in that period of time, I would have to Skype him. But if I put accounting in second semester, I would have to move careers/civics in first semester. This would make my workload in second semester heavier, because careers/civics is an easy course compared to accounting.

That’s what I have in mind…what do you think of my timetable? Is the workload all evenly distributed? Or do you guys have better ideas? Thanks!

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