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university number

Where does it say what our university number is? For the university card photograph

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It's on your invoice for your tuition fees that was with the welcome pack
Students on campus at the University of Warwick
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mine was on the letter that came as part of my welcome pack, but the number had been on at least one other letter from the uni before then.
If you really cant find it im sure theyd be able to tell you if you rang up...
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At the top of your invoice
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thanks, I found it at the top of the invoice!
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I found mine on the top of my unconditional offer letter from Warwick and in this letter that I got from the Student Computing Advise Team.
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it will now be displayed in every paper that comes from warwick
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Im STILL waiting for this welcome pack...Im thinking, maybe wait till wednesday or something and send them an email. But should i do this, who should i send it to... :confused:?
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Im still waiting too...
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Anyone know a number we can call to find out whats happening with our welcome pack?
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Im still waiting too...

If you havent received it in UK then when I will receive it...
Im not in UK, im in europe.
Welcome packs for overseas students were sent out on the 18 August. You can find out more details on the Welcome to Warwick website It does say that you should allow three weeks for them to arrive so don't worry if you haven't received it just yet - it should be on its way.

If you have any other worries then post a comment on the Welcome to Warwick forum ( and someone should respond.

Hope this helps!
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Question: I received a sheet saying "blablabla I am delighted to make you an unconditional ofer etcetcetc" So basically confirming the place yeah. Theres a "Warwick Student ID: #######" is this the same as the University number? I have yet to receive the welcome pack but have used that number in sending off my photo.
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I guess that should be the University number, it's seven digits. On my letter of acceptance they use the term 'student number' instead, but I think it's basically the same thing.

6 days to enrolment! :biggrin:
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if its 06xxxxx then its your student #. Might be 05 if you've deferred entry too.
Anyone know if for the photo submissions online you have to save your image file with a specific file name?
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I didn't - but thinking about it we probably had to. Bugger :frown:
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Yes, it says that the file name has to be your university number. What did you put down instead? They might not be able to trace it to you.