Why do we forget the past?

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We forget. We forget. And, we forget. In 1940, one of the most passionate speeches in history was made by Charlie Chaplin; one year before the systematic extermination of the Jews began. We forgot everything that he had to say. Dictators fall. Again. Again. What happens next? We allow another dictator to come to power. The First World War killed a vast number of people. We went to war again. We forgot. Our history shows us that attempts to change a society through fear and manipulation will invariably fail. We have ISIS. We forgot. Why? Why do we not simply look back into our history, and realise that this terrible brutality serves none but to exacerbate further brutality?

Let me just explain where all of this originates. Two days ago, I stumbled upon the speech, as linked above, and recognised the irony of how relevant this is to us NOW, IN 2014. This forgotten man, speaking a forgotten speech in 1940, is so very relevant in 2014. But why? Why? Why did we not simply listen to him? Why, after 74 years can this speech, concerning a world that should be archaic, be required now? We should have changed, why didn't we? We built machines, and scientific ideas, and knowledge, and morality; yet we still destroy each other in meaningless wars. We are still too clever, not kind. Why?
William Turtle
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Hardly a forgotten man.

Amyway, it's just human nature. Perhaps there's a progression, perhaps not. But it can only take far longer than 74 years to change.

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