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Is Imperial a boring university?

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Reply 240
good to know at least one person's tried it. I know someone who takes antibiotics for spots.
Learning at Imperial College London
Imperial College London
Reply 241
sandy face scrub lol, you exfoliate? :wink:

oh come now lemming, you don't expect me to use soap do you :p: men are evolving :p:
Reply 242
I am lying here with some overnight mask on which is supposed to help prevent spots - I don't actually have any spots at the moment, but it was a free sample and I thought I would try it.

Lemming - what's wrong with guys exfoliating?
Reply 243
first I've heard of it ahaa
Reply 244
lol you gotta keep up lemming
ehh :P
Reply 246
clearly! well i hope you moisturise afterwards too...
Reply 247
The main reason I try to keep my skin in a decent condition is to make shaving much easier - no one likes to see a half mauled, half butchered face on the tube in the morning...
just kidding, use anthony deep pore cleansing clay, only takes 10 mins so siblings wont have the chance to take the piss out of you :P
Reply 249
naturally (lemming)
Reply 250
ehh :P

Nothing wrong with someone taking care of his appearence... :wink:.
Reply 251
sounds like you lot do more than i do!
Reply 252
not at all...wonder if u can go too far though....anyone for oil of olay?
Reply 253
Haha, what was this about IC being boring?!
:wink: im prepared for the worst - getting all of simpsons/futurama/family guy/friends/southpark episodes
Reply 255
ha, i prefer clarins personally.
Reply 256
lol was just thinking that
Reply 257
Lancome is the way forward Lemming... but enough of all this metro talk!
Reply 258
Does anyone else think we start really late? most people I know start much earlier!
Reply 259
we're here, we're not queer, but we're close!