What should i take as an AS level alongside maths aiming for a Music Tech degree?

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My original post-16 choices choices:

Maths AS
Physics AS
MusicTechnology BTEC lv 3 certificate
Music Performance BTEC lv 3 certificate

I only ended up with a C in GCSE physics Image and a B in maths (was aiming for A in maths Image ). I am determined to give A-level maths a shot and i feel like physics seemed good for me due to the study of acoustics and i also feel like the maths i could cope with would help.

I have been accepted into sixth form and there has been no questioning on my results despite my insufficient C in GCSE Physics. (Note that some people had their results questioned before sixth form enrolment, not me as stated).

Now i am extremely unsure on physics and the alternative options are
-computer science
-applied science

Which would be the best when aiming for a MusicTechnology degree?

please help, many opinions would be respected and i am happy to answer more questions
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Not to scare you, but I got A* in GCSE Physics and got an E this year in it for my AS, it's so much harder than GCSE! Now I didn't do maths at A Level either which would have helped me a lot, so if you're a lot more mathematically minded you should probably do better. However if you're unsure about physics I think your best bet is to look at the course specification for whichever Physics course you're sixth form do and then look up some of the key topics and see how hard/easy they are for you. I did OCR Physics A, so if that's the one you're sixth form offers I'd be more than happy to give you some more info about what was in my course.
I'd say though either ICT or Computer Science would be best for music tech because obviously you'll have to be handy with a computer. But again if you look up the spec for the courses and see if there are any things you can directly relate to music tech that should help you!

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