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Hi everyone
I know that this dosent really matter but I'm just interested. I've really struggled with ocr history exams throughout year 10 and year 11, and in May, I sat both the Germany (1918-1945) paper as well as British Depth Study (1890-1918). Yesterday, I got my results back and I was so chuffed to have obtained an A overall, but in my British exam specifically, I got an A* and it said 60ums. I'm just wondering if anyone can help me as I would really like to know how many marks out of 53, 60ums is? I just worked really hard and I just would like to know just for myself really, as I've never got even an A on British Depth Study on mocks etc in the past. By the way, it's OCR B GCSE History Modern World.
Thankyou so much


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