AQA Psychology UMS Conversion!! WTF.

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A bit of background behind my circumstances. I did my first year of A-Levels at a college, achieving ABB. Second year I had to leave, so I taught myself and took my exams as a private candidate. I had to be tactful, knowing my grades were gonna drop slightly, and aim for 42% in each Psychology paper, giving me a C overall.

Well, I came out of PSYA3 '100% sure' I'd failed - just not the paper for me!

Came out of PSYA4 thinking I'd made a few marks up that I'd lost in PSYA3.

Turned up to results day expecting a D, turned out I still got my C!

Just checked the raw marks I got based on the UMS Scale:

PSYA3: 25/72
PSYA4: 33/83

In PSYA3, a mark of 56/72 was 100 UMS!
In PSYA4, a mark of 57/83 was 100 UMS!

I understand the need for UMS, but this seems extremely drastic. Obviously it's gone in my favour, making my appalling marks worth more, so I'm not complaining! It got me the C I needed!

Just baffled, don't know what more to say!

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