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Which university in Scotland is the easiest to get into?

I'm an EU citizen and I'm thinking in applying to the University of edinburgh, University of Glasgow or University Aberdeen. Which one do you think I have more chances of getting into?

My grades aren't too bad (around 70%) and I'll do the required english exam soon and I expect to pass it so that is not a problem (I hope)
I want to study something related with Biology and Genetics.

Also if you have any advices or you know other universities that are easier to get into I would really appreciate :smile:
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I know that the University of the Highlands and Islands is easy to get in to.

Your best ones are Robert Gordon, a top uni in Scotland which is in Aberdeen, then Napier/Edinburgh and then Glasglow I would say.

Good luck.
Out of the three you listed Aberdeen is the easiest to get in to, it's entry requirements are lower because Aberdeen is quite far north.

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Without knowing where you are from and what 70% equates to, no one can tell you whether you would actually be able to gain admission to any of the above institutions.

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