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Hi, im 25 and have decided that im tired of working for other people so would like to study business to increase my chances of starting a successful business or at least get a middle management position for a while, ive looked at the open university Ba(hons) business studies course and like the sound of it as i would still need to work in order to pay all of my bills and stuff, but some people are suggesting to do an access course in business first.

Ive been to uni before (brick and mortar uni) but i only did my first year as i decided it wasnt for me, but i know how the essays and assisgnments need to be presented and written (referencing etc) so i would just like a little advice on wether the open uni Ba(hons) would be fine or wether an access course would be beneficial. Id rather not waste time doing a course i dont really need to do.:confused:

thanks for your help
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You certainly don't need to do an access course to prepare for an OU degree. OU level 1 modules are specially designed to ease people into higher education - I did zero prep and managed perfectly well, you will too. OU level 1 courses are pass/fail, that means the mark you get has no bearing on your final degree classification. I would only do an access course if you want to do a degree at a brick university.

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