why am I craving to seek elsewhere

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Hi everyone. Long story short, I have been in a relationship for over two years, we live together and our sex life is alright. We have been going through some rough patches but we are living life each day as it comes. He is a lot older than me, and I am young. Sometimes, I think about my previous life and how good it was. I had a couple of steamy encounters with my brothers friend a few years ago, and when I got with my partner, the guy kept asking me to come and see him but I said no and after this, the guy removed me from his list on Facebook and we both moved on. Now, a couple of years on, I cannot get him out of my head. He was in my dream last night and I keep going on his Facebook page! I nearly msg him on there but I stopped myself and I thought about my boyfriend. I feel so horrible right now, all of this effort just for a passionate night. This guy has no intention of fancying or going out with me because I am a close member of his friend, so that is probably why. Why am I getting these feelings? I do not want to think about them, and I do not want to cheat on my boyfriend!
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Sometimes we get feelings of what could of been because we are a bit bored and want something different. But these feelings do not last and usually if you act on them, can ruin how things are going for you in the present. Just tell yourself that nothing would of come about if you had messaged or met up with your brothers friend, and try to distract yourself by thinking about something else when you think about him.

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