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Hi there, so this may seem a bit obnoxious on my behalf but i feel my best friend is drifiting away from me all because of a boy (i'll refer to him as x) whose she's known for just 2/3 weeks. They've swapped numbers and constantly whatsapp each other which is fine but when we talk, i feel as if we've distanced. Before X came into the picture, we were cool and spoke about everything and anything. But now, when we do speak, she tells X everything i say. For instance, we were discussing food and i commented saying i don't really like onions and peaches that much and she replied with X loves peaches but he's allergic to so and so. Everything i say she manages to link it back to X. And then, we were sorting out our movie marathon movies and i recommended doing a disney marathon and gave her a few movies that i wanted to see including the lion king, frozen and beauty and the beast. The next thing i know, she's already told X about this and is saying he doesn't like Frozen so let's not watch that but instead let's watch mulan which we've already seen together. It's driving me insane! Also, my friend hates horror movies and i've always wanted us to watch the conjuring together so i told her that and then a few minutes later its like X found that movie hilarious, he wants me to watch it and then i asked her is she and she replied with a yes. She's going to watch it at the same time he will. I forgot to mention, she found him somewhere online and to me, from what i've heard about him, he seems a bit fishy. Bearing in mind, they havent met and shes doing nearly everything he's telling her to do.
Am I being selfish? Cos i dont really know what to do.

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Talk to your friend and tell her that you feel like you are being shut out because of this new boy, and want to continue your close friendship in conjunction to this thing with the online dude. It seems to me like she is just REALLY into him, and when that happens, you can go a bit crazy and obsessed with someone. Give it time and the infatuation will go. I would also tell her your concerns about the online thing. I would gently tell her that she hasn't met him yet, therefore she should not get her hopes up too high because sometimes people are not all they seem in person. Either way, she will calm down. Ride the wave and just let her know you are there. But either way, talk to her about it because you don't want to throw your friendship away over a boy who just exists online ATM.
Hope this helps

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