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Hi all,

I will soon be going onto A-levels and English Lit is one of my choices. I thought I would get a little head start on all the reading i will be doing! If anyone has studied it, do you have any poems or books that you recommend i should look over? My exam board is AQA Literature A.

any help/advice would be much appreciated!

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Seeing your post now, I am assuming that you've decided to change your subject recently.
Normally, schools set English Literature options when you finalize A-level subjects (in GCSE) and ask students to read books (on that set option) during summer holidays.

Depending upon which option your college/ 6th form decided to teach in September, I will suggest you to read all English Literature books mentioned under AQA specification and search and read some of your own books too. It may seem a lot but trust me it will considerably help you to develop as an informed, independent reader and critic of literary text and achieving A* grades.

If you want to receive further information such as AQA mark schemes, past questions papers details then register here


By doing thid you will receive all this useful information straight in your email.

This is AQA, English Literature specification link.

which explains everything clearly read it, print it, stick in front of your study desk and follow whatever it says for next two years and there is no way you can’t achieve solid A in your As and A*/A in your A2.
Whatever I study at college, I make sure I revise and go through it in the evening and make notes and study same topic in depth. This way I get plenty of time to test myself with past papers nearer the exams which makes revision a lot easier.

Study past papers mark schemes and you will notice that certain topics repeat every year. Read examiner reports and model exam answers. Memorise key words, take notes assess yourself by doing past papers and check your answers with mark schemes and until you are completely satisfied don’t stop practicing.
Punctuation, grammar and spellings are only for 8 marks. But always remember one number can change an A* grade to an A.

A-Level is huge jump, a lot of people fail to realise this and end up in a horrible situations.
In GCSES we were spoon fed, A-Level is not like this. If you get confused and need extra help from your teachers then you have to ask them there or then or at least same day or else you will be lost. A-Level English Literature is not for last minute wiz through revision.

Keep an eye on your course work and work ahead. Sort out your essay plans, take critical explanatory notes from set text tasks and absorb important conceptual points. That is what will gather examiners attention and where you will attain a lot of marks.

If you need to ask any other thing do not hesitate to ask.

Good Luck!

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