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Was going for 3 As in economics, maths and business, didn't really care about psychology.

Ended up with 2 Bs (maths and economics) and 2 Ds (business and psychology).

Really have no idea what went wrong. I was consistently getting As in C2, S1 and ECON1 past papers, but ended up with Cs in those. Also came out of the business exams thinking it was ridiculously easy, but ended up with an E and a D in those 2. I think I've either done awfully on the day or there must be a mistake.

I am dropping psychology so taking maths, economics and business onto A2, however I am not happy with 5 of those exams and wish to retake next year (C2, S1, Econ1, Buss1 and Buss2). I know that that equates to 12 exams next year including the A2s which will not be easy but I have to do better in those AS exams.

Is it worth getting a remark for those 5 exams or just resitting them? Also, I am interested in seeing my exams to look at where I went so wrong. Is it possible to get them back as well as getting them remarked?

For the record, I did edexcel for maths, and AQA for business and economics.

Thanks in advance.

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