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So I suspended my studies right before the last term of university due to the fact I suffer from depression and was having an extremely hard time of things. I've taken the last few months to try and recover and haven't been able to work at all during my time off from university and student finance suspended my payments meaning that I never received my last term payment from Student Finance. What I wanted to ask is whether I would be able to receive some of the money that I should have got if I didn't suspend my studies due to the fact that Student Finance cutting off my payments has put me in financial hardship as I was unable to pay my last halls of accommodation rent payment and I have still yet to pay for rent at my new student house I've just moved in to. If I send a letter to the discretionary payments team at student finance do you think they'll be able to help me or is it too late?
Mark Lee - SFE Official Adviser
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Hi there.

Our discretionary payments team will look into paying you through a suspension if you can demonstrate you are in financial hardship, yes. They would ask for evidence such as the last 3 months bank statements, copies of any arrears/debt letters you have,etc to show you are struggling.

Alternatively, for students who have suspended for health reasons, we can usually award 60 days extra funding effectively extending your suspension date by 60 days. We would require the college/uni to advise us when they are sending over your suspension that this was due to health reasons and then we would require some form of medical evidence from you, such as a GP letter explaining the issue and how it affected your studies.

Either of these methods will be sure to award you additional funding.


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