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I need to pick between the two but I didn't do History GCSE so I have no idea which to choose. Which is more enjoyable, and which is easier? My school do Edexcel A-Level.

Modern World History A-Level
Unit 1 - D5 Pursuing Life and Liberty: Equality in the USA, 1945-68
D7 Politics, Presidency and Society in the USA, 1968-2001

Unit 2 - C2 Britain, c1860-1930: The Changing Position of Women and the Suffrage Question

Unit 3 - D1 From Kaiser to Führer: Germany, 1900-45

Unit 4 - CW38 The Making of Modern Russia, 1856-1964

British and American History A-Level
Unit 1 - Britain and American Colonies including the American War of Independence (don’t know spec code)
Slavery and the Slave Trade in the British Empire (don’t know spec code)

Unit 2 - C1 The Experience of Warfare in Britain: Crimea, Boer and the First World War, 1854-1929

Unit 3 - C1 The United States, 1820-77: A Disunited Nation?

Unit 4 - CW7 Rebellion and Disorder in Tudor England, 1485-1587

Modern World looks more enjoyable to me, but is apparently a lot harder than British and American.

Many thanks.
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The first option seems the most interesting.

Before GCSE we covered quite a lot of Unit 2 and 3 and from what you've wrote, probably not near as much detail of course but they were really interesting.
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Modern world 100%
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