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Any Asians at Loughborough???No Offence to the we are a small minority

All Welcome............and No Offence about the asians bit. Im starting new at loughborough (A fresher), iv been told that there aren't many asians compared to white people....I DONT NO IF THAT IS TRUE??? so existing students please feedback.

I like to mix in with all ethnic groups and backgrounds and like to socialise with all....SO ALL WELCOME OK.

The thread title is just there so that I can attract the asians and know them as well as the others. I just want to know all the students at the university who are starting like me as freshers and those who are currently there.

Hope to hear from you all and I hope Loughborough is a good experience for all.

Good Luck.
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dude, i think we have had enough of this asian thing on here. i dont think there is a noticable minority of asian. if you have been there i dont think you will be saying this. they are in leicester nearby and some in town.

the blacks are the biggest minority here, so i dont see why you guys should think you are. im sure you can count the blacks, asian no.

do you see the blacks making threads like this, no!! im black so i know what being in the minority is about but i dont feel the need to make a thread about it. when you get to lufbra, you will meet people so just meet there regardless of their nationality, religion, color, personality etc still make friends with them. if you are absolutely adamant that you dont want to have friends other than asians then you should get a life and revise your .........( i dont wanna say it)
ok, so mate. please, its just getting annoying.
Students on campus at Loughborough University
Loughborough University
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Heya. :smile: Advice: post in the thread there already is on the subject! It's what it is there for! :smile:
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Ok thanks guys.................Just wanted feedback.

Cheers, now i know what to expect.
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Thanks for your feedback.

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Closed, cos there's another one here somewhere...