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info on northwell house

I have just applied to this accomodation, whats it like? there isnt much info on it on bristols site.

Will I be able to take my car down? if so how much will parking permit cost?

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Try looking into the student houses website;

it has general info about Northwell.

You should also check out the alternative prospectus.
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i'm going there. its arranged in flats of 4-8, sharing cooking and washing facilities.
PM me if you end up getting a place there, i'm in 15D!
How does it differ to a halls of residence?
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hi there, I lived ni Northwell for 3 years - so it cant be that bad?!

OK, heres the deal.

Its not halls, we all felt cheated for not being in halls, its a different experience im afraid. Does that mean its bad? Not at all, it will depend on whos there tbh. In my 1st year I lived with loads of cool foreign people, all out going and keen to explore the city, try new things, and see the country. I never had so much fun and I felt I had a much richer experience. I had about 10 mates from school in halls so I was quite close to what went on up there too.

When I was there the place was pretty grotty, many repainted the rooms and they took the pool table away in year 3. We used to hire a communal telly.

The flats are small and I had to share a room :frown: - luckily people are desperate to move to halls so single rooms will free up later in the year, I moved within 6 weeks. The people I was with were fine, and they usually seem to match up people OK, god knows how!?

Its a fun part of town to be in, perhaps a bit more gritty, but smarter these days than it used to be, also there are some great clubs down the road, broadmead in reach and the walk in to uni isnt too bad - in that respect your hall loving stoke bish friends will be jealous.

You will feel a bit left out though when hall dwellers are all cliqued up, going to their bars and balls - the solution to that is to keep Northwell social! On my fisrt day in year 1 I was greeted by people knocking on the door and inviting us out, the following years I did just that and got all the freshers out on day 1 and down the pub, day 2 down to a club, day 3 to the union, in the early stages you can get even the most boring people to try new things - so make it happen!

geesh good times, in someways id love to go back, i have no regrets about being there and met some of the most amazing people.

best of luck, give me a shout if you want any more info and Id love fond out what you think of it lol...