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Hey everyone, how did you find this? I thought it was just about do-able but harder than the past papers. I started to panic when I first saw it though and the last question was foul - I hate errors! After the disaster that was P3 I am now getting a bit worried about Maths, so does anyone want to compare answers?

I *think* from what I remember, I got:-

1. Mean is 1.05 and variance is 1.067
2. Can't remember but I used a Poisson
3. Standard deviation is 6 and the mean 47.6 (?) Then I got a bit stuck on the next bit and just substituted in my value for the mean so came out with P(Z<1.5)
4. 0.0905 for a) and 32.1 for b) (rounding might be wrong though)
5. a) Just a bog standard continuous hypothesis test
b) X is greater than or equal to 11
6. Hmm can't remember, I integrated then I got E(X) = 3/5 and 'Bertie'
7. Eww how gross... I got X is less than or equal to 7 but loads of people got 10... then I did 1 - P(X is less than or equal to 7) with p=0.4 then 0.5xP(Accept) + the answer to ii) then for the last bit I did the answer to part ii) times 0.5 but I am sure thats wrong!

What did everyone else get?

No more maths!

Kate xx
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