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Hey there,

Results day for my GCSE's turned out to be greater than I ever expected, apart from my ICT and electronics grades.

I have no idea where I went wrong, my coursework for ICT first year was marked at 98% and my second year was around 80%. My exam results were A's and B's during my mocks. However when I got my results my first year coursework was a B and so was my second. My exams where C for the first paper and A for the second but I can understand these as my exam results never remain consistent.

So what went wrong? I have been told I should come out of this subject with an A* easily after all the work I put in. Were the marks my teachers gave me not from the examining board and where made by them?

In wish my school never made the decision to use WJEC for ICT as their exam papers contradict themselves year after year and the coursework if not marked logically under the mark scheme given.

Anyone else get lower than they thought on this board?

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(Original post by BinaryJava)
Similar thing here when I did my ICT GCSE. There was one GCSE class and 12 of us in it. We were all top students and all going for A/A*. Did the exam in January 13. Everyone got Ds and Es. What is on the mark scheme one year isn't next time. It can take you by surprise.

I ended up with a B overall as a result despite well basically being the best in the school.

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