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Masters at an Ivy League?

Hey guys,

I was wondering how the LSE is viewed by Ivy League grad schools?

I'm doing IR starting this year, and have an eye on doing a political course at Harvard or Yale.

If I managed a first, what do you think the odds are of acceptance?

Secondly - what are the financial implications?

Is funding as readily available for relatively "poor" overseas students at postgrad level as it is for undergrads?

Also, I presume the courses are 2 years (for masters courses)?

Any help much appreciated - thanks!
LSE is very well regarded in the US. A first stands you a great chance, but it's not just scores that US universities look at, even for postgraduate.

Don't limit yourself to Harvard and Yale (yes I say this all the time, sorry). Harvard is great for politics but there are other departments that beat Yale.

Funding for masters degrees is very limited. LSE is advertising a scholarship for study at Harvard and/or MIT right now:

And for any US university:
Carr Saunders Halls, LSE
London School of Economics
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Hey hello nice to see another IR student, Im starting this year too so will see you there. :smile: Are you from the UK?
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Hello atchaa! I'm starting IR too. Are you Indian by any chance...?
atchaa theek hai! IV League mein masters karo, lol!