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Yeah. Seems like very good food, generally, and quite cheap.

Never been there, myself. Which college are you at again?
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Never been there, myself. Which college are you at again?

St. John's. So an impartial judgement. :wink:
St. John's. So an impartial judgement. :wink:

Truly!!! All this talk of food is makin me hungry, again!!
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St. John's. So an impartial judgement. :wink:

Lol, of course.


Not that I can talk, because ours is a bit shit really, although Medsoc dinner was nice.
I thought the food I got on my interview day was OK, but not as nice as the food at Trinity Hall on the Sutton Trust Physics summer school. Then again, they were only cooking for about 30 people then, rather than an entire college.
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St. John's. So an impartial judgement. :wink:

Johns food is good.
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Hi, I'm Ben - I'm a UKL n00b and i'll be reading NatSci (Physical) at Selwyn in October - so long as I dont botch up my AAA.

I've been sending PM's out to quite a few people on this thread already because it seems like I have some catching up to do with the getting-to-know-Cmbridge-UKL-buddies movement.

I am not brilliantly well read but when I do read I choose books on quite widely varying subject matter - and some just based on the fact that I have heard of them! I figure if its a famous book then there must be something useful I can pick up from it! I dont read much fiction though a few great books of fiction have been known to grab me in the past - His Dark Materials, and Lord of the Rings and OBVIOUSELY the Hitchhikers Guide (glad my geekish tendencies arent too out of place here!). And of course being a PhysNatSci person i like reading theoretical physics books too - it goes without saying!

I play the bass guitar in a band but I'm not all that good, and I like listening to music like Muse, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Cooper Temple Clause, Hope of the States, Sigur Ros, Manic Street Preachers, Moby, etc... I went to Glasto 2003 and also go to quite a lot of gigs in Birmingham and Cardiff (I live in Hereford, roughly the same distance from each - tho we dont have a single decent music venue)

I'm not really into sports but I keep fit in the gym when I can motivate myself to do so. I'll probly start some kind of sport when I get to Cambridge - feel free to recommend one to me!

Hope to hear from y'all soon,