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So I wanted to quickly enroll at this other college, but I need to pick one more A-level.
I've so far chosen Business Studies and IT as 2/3 of my A-levels.
I'm having trouble deciding my third A-level.
I've only achieved all Cs (except art) in my GCSEs.
This college that I want to enroll offers the following courses that I can do are, photography, film studies, media studies, psychology, socialogy and history.
Out of all of these, the only A-level that I am interested in is photography. But what puts me off from picking photography is the coursework. The coursework is 60% and i've done art, and the amount of corsework is too time consuming for me (I actually want a soical life/ job and not be forced to stay home to catch up on my coursework) I also feel that I am mentally scarred becuase of the amount of coursework needed (caused me lot of stress, and ended up making me unmotivated.) But I do like photos, and I am intersted in them, but the courswork puts me off.

Psychology ?
Well, I am indecisive and I am currently suffering from stress and depression again. And I don't think i'll be interested in this course.

I am not interested in acting, so media studies is a no no.
Socialogy ? Well, to me it seems to be a boring subject, plus I don't know if PSE is similar to it, but i've always fell asleep when it was PSE.
Film Studies ? I'm not sure if there is acting, but this course is something i'm not sure on.

History. I'm not very good at remembering things, and I was never good at history.

What makes it worst is that I have no idea what I want to be (my parents expect me to go uni, so i pratically have to do A-levels)
So basically i'm not sure if Psychology , Film Studies, Media Studies, Hisotry and Photography is something i'll be using in the future.

The reasons that I have picked IT and Business studies are because I am good at business studies (was 1 off from a B, very annoyed about that) and I am interested in IT.
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Media studies has no acting just to let you know. You just do some production pieces (like make a magazine, website or something) and sit an exam.

Stay well away from photography. I did it. Worst mistake of my life. There is a LOT of coursework. Wayyy too much. If you dislike coursework, stay away from it please, please, please.
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"I am not interested in acting, so media studies is a no no."
There's no acting component to media studies. Your sixth form may ask you to create an audio-visual piece for your coursework, thus there may be acting involved, but it doesn't have to be from you. The same goes for film studies.
However, as you seem to have a reasonably poor grasp on what both courses contain, I'd personally steer clear.

Your options appear to be Psychology or Sociology. I took neither, but a close friend took them because apparently they're great combinations to do with Art subjects, and they adored them both. But, as you said you're interested in neither, that brings you back to Photography. As you're only taking three AS, and most people take four, you will have more time on your hands than the average student, so it could end up being that the coursework isn't too bad.

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