help on what to do with english gcse!!!!

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I did english language and literature foundation i got all c grades in all units in the exams.For english language there was 2 corsework unit and i got a c in one and d in another and in english literature i got a d in the controlled assesment therefore i got an overal d in english language and literature. I dont know why as there are more c grades which should outweigh it.
english lang i got -c c d c
english lit - c c d
I am pretty upset since corsework is what let me down on a c grade. When i went to college to enroll they said i should get a remark since i got 119 points and 120 points was a c grade wjec exam board. I wanted to know if you can get your corsework remarked ? And what other options are there other than a 1 year retake at college. Can someone please help me. Is there anyway i can just retake the corsework to then give me an overall c i dont know what to do and it is unfair to have to retake the whole year just because of corsework
Can someone also calculate for me how far off a c grade i was because i dont know if the teacher at college was right i got
417101 wjec - c 37 420201-c 43
417201wjec - c 36 420212-c 50
417301 wjec controlled ass - d 32 420203 - d 26
417401 wjec cont ass - c 13
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I may be wrong, but I believe a coursework remark is not allowed. This is as it would be 're-moderated' so everyone in your year, would also have theirs remarked, meaning everyone's grade could potentially change. Most schools would be unwilling to pay the amount anyway.

As for just re-submitting the coursework, you would have to ask your school. As far as I am aware, often the coursework changes each year, so you would probably have to redo the whole course I'm afraid, but your first point of call is your school, as they will suggest what can be done. Point 4 is all the information about resitting I could find I'm afraid

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