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Missing lectures, classes etc

From what i know we are to arrive at Durham on October 1st and then we start having actually lectures or seminars or whatever you call them on the Thursday (5th). Im doing business at QC and have to go to my uncles wedding so i need to fly out on Thursday night and back on the Saturday lunch time so i will be missing the 2nd day of actual work and just wondered if thats gonna go down really badly or if they just wont notice
I hope i wont miss out on too much as i will be missing the 1st friday night at university!
Thanks again in advance (this is like my 3rd thread of the day cause everyones being v.helpful)
Missing the odd lecture isn't a big deal. I wouldn't recommend missing too many though, unless you want to be in durham next August
Chemistry Research, Durham University
Durham University
I only went to about 40% of lectures in the first term and none at all in the second or third (third is usually just an extra couple and a few revision lectures anyway), missing about 120 odd in a row, which was nice. I never done any work whatsoever in those 2nd and 3rd terms, and only 'revised', i.e. learnt, the day before the exams (apart from one when I did it the day before that because I had a Dirty Pretty Things gig in Middlesbrough the night before my morning Contract law lecture). I passed comfortably, nearly 20% over the pass threshold. I am in no way shape or form a genius. Just be confident, but the key is knowing your limits and playing to your own ability. If you ever think 'I really should be attending this lecture/tutorial', then you should attend it. Otherwise, do whatever the hell you want.
One of my friends missed over a hundred lectures (not labs/tutorials) in a row and still managed to pass the (second) year. That's more lectures than some people have in a degree! As long as there's no compulsory stuff you're missing you'll be fine and unmissed. Only downside is that you'll miss out on a lot of important socialising in those few days that you're away. Do you have to go to the wedding?
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Nobody will notice if you miss lectures (don't skip compulsory stuff like seminars and tutorials though), but personally I wouldn't like to miss out on anything, both academic and social in the first few days.
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I missed a few lectures but only ones I felt I could afford to miss. The tolerance of my 'missing lectures scale' got bigger and bigger as the year went on, especially on a Wednesday morning after Studio the night before. I'd say it's important to go to lectures early on though, because of the social aspect. Having friends from your course early on is a good thing!
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i was quite good in the first term... things went downhill in term two though!

you can miss as many lectures as you want they dont take a register
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It's a bad idea to miss tutorials/practicals/seminars though.
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i was quite good in the first term... things went downhill in term two though!

you can miss as many lectures as you want they dont take a register

That depends on your course.
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yikes? what courses have a register for lectures?

i can understand having compulsory seminars/tutorials but that would just be HELL
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One of my housemates who does Combined Arts had registers for a lot of her lectures. As do Sport people. In second year a lot of lectures are registered I think :s:
We are registered for about 2/3 of our lectures in Biomed.

For business, it won't matter in the slightest trust me. From what I gather, about 1/3 of the business students go to no more than half of their lectures anyway. I don't think they take registers anyway in business.
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Nah I cant imagine many of my second year lectures will be registered - there's probably upwards of 100 in every one...

I hope not anyway - if there were lectures I HAD to attend no matter what I'd just DIE.