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For my GCSEs, I've been going to the same school for the past year. I wanted to stay for Sixth Form, however my parents can't afford the fees for Lower Sixth. I spoke to the school, and they agreed to let me come back from for Upper Sixth next year (my family should be more financially stable then), making the transfer between my college and the school in between the two years of A Level.

However, an arising issue is the fact that my current college only offers 3 AS's, and one of the AS's I've chosen is not a subject the school I wish to go to for U6 offers. At college, i've chosen English Literature, Government and Politics and Creative Writing. Creative Writing is not offered at the school I want to go to. I could simply change this, but I would really like to take this subject.
I would quite like to take an AS in Philosophy and Ethics (which the school DOES offer), but I'm not sure how to go about this. What do you suggest?
If it proves too difficult, I'd just change Creative Writing to a different subject, but like I said, I want to avoid doing this. Also, I really want to take 4 AS's. Do you have any idea how to privately take an A Level in a subject like philosophy and ehtics?

Thank you!

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