Chances of getting into university?

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Hello, recently I got my higher results for fifth year. I got an A in English and modern studies as well as a B in history(this could go up to an A as it is getting remarked brace I was only 2 marks off an A!!). Although I didn't sit many highers I was quite pleased with my results. Anyway, this year I am sitting higher Business and PE aswell as advanced higher History. Additionally, I'm also sitting An introduction to law in contemporary Scotland module at the open university due to the poor choice of subjects at my school(it's very small). After this year I was hoping to apply for politics at Edinbrugh University, Strathclyde University and Stirling University as well as Buisness Managemnet and Buisness law at Heriot Watt. So what I'm asking here is does anyone know my chances of getting into any of these universities or am I maybe aiming a little too high?

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