I think AQA may have mismarked me. BADLY.

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Well as the thread title says I really feel as if AQA have done one on me.
Im talking about the AQA Sociology Unit 1 and 2 exam that everyone sat on the 15th and 21st May 2014.

For my AS results I got ABBD - A in Media, B in English, B in RS and D in Sociology. The peculiar thing is the sociology papers were by far my best exams. I actually messed up on the RS Ethics paper (OCR) as I completely misread the question, and I was expecting the worst for that. But somehow God gifted me an A on that paper. But honestly Sociology was my best exam.

I don't even believe its one of those ones where you think you did really well in an exam but actually done badly, because for the family and households paper for instance... I done past papers the day before which I completed and got an A on as per the mark scheme, and those exact same 25 marker questions came up to which I gave the same, if not better answers.

On the actual paper though it says I got 24 marks which is like saying I just about done one question correctly. I genuinely havent been able to sleep since getting the result as it has really left me dumbfounded.

Ive been going through what it could be in my head... maybe i missed a question etc but i am adamant that I checked all the clerical details properly.
My college have told me its £60 for a remark and they will proccess the remark when we start back... and im definetly going to get it remarked out but im very worried in the back of my mind that it may come back the same for some reason?

I got a U in the family and households paper, and a C in the education paper which averages it out to a D. The C i can understand even if that may perhaps be incorrect as the 'Science' element of research methods was difficult for me in that paper but the U i cannot at all understand.

It says on the AQA website that the date for a 'priority remark' has passed, so what does this mean? and also could I at the same time of requesting a remark, request my script back so if their first mark is correct... I could simply learn from my mistakes and do a resit?

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You can get a cheaper remark when you return to school. Priority are those who really cannot wait and have something on the line for it.

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