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Hey guys, I'm needing some advice on what to do about my situation at work. Basically I've been a factory supervisor for 5 months now but I'm having real difficulty with my staff and the attitudes of my managers when it comes to disciplining them. There's been numerous incidents pretty much since Day 1 of certain employees telling me to "f**k off" calling me names such as "d***head" "c**t" & "w**ker" and going nose to nose with me and offering to fight outside after asking them to do simple tasks. These incidents have been reported to my managers however nothing happened after that, these employees are still working without being disciplined. This past weekend was the straw that broke the camel's back for me, 6 employees didn't show up without any contact or communication as to why they weren't in, this isn't just a one off incident as it usually happens every other day where people just don't show up for work, but again nothing is being done about it! What should I do? Have it out with my manager? Go higher up and see who listens? Walk away? Ask to step down to a lower position? Or just bury my head in the sand and get on with it?

Any advice will be appreciated!
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(Original post by GarethShortt)
Not sure anyone can help, because to give any realistic advice you'd have to say more than would be appropriate on a website.

What sort of disciplinary procedures does the business have? What is your role in them, because normally supervision would suggest you had a role to play that was more than just passing a problem up the chain.

I presume this is a manual workforce, not an office role? There aren't many offices where language like that isn't immediately a disciplinary issue.

If people are missing work without good reason, this is usually grounds for pretty immediate dismissal.

If people are being physically or verbally threatening to you then that is also usually grounds for immediate dismissal.

You need to arrange to speak to your management and work out whether there are processes in place to handle this or not. If not, and the management don't see the problem, maybe its time you started job hunting. However, I wouldn't describe the conversation you need as 'having it out with', you need a reasoned discussion about the situation and options to improve the team's efficiency and attitude.

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