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If you want to get technical, I actually went to school for environmental studies and wildlife protection and have a degree, along with a couple other courses I have taken. If you had a clue you would realise that the trees you plant now regardless of how fast they grow, will never survive their full life expectancy at the rate we are destroying the earth. I personally find it abit cruel to plant a tree under the current conditions. Either way planting trees isn't gonna help, cleaning up the mess and educating about and preventing futher pollution will.
Smartass, yeah I know I am, so what.

Really??!! Good on you. Coz I study psycology/biology (human phys etc) but at least I have a heart, and even tho I obviously don't know as much as you about environmental studies, least I'm trying to make a difference by doing things (like taking part in clean up days) that make the world a (slightly) better place. Yeah, u may be right, after all I'm only a low-life psyc student - but at least I'm thinking global, but acting LOCAL - which is more than I can say for you, with your degree and everything.
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