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Fylde anyone?

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woow Blonde at Heart first person ive seen to be in Lytham! lol in C31 thou so guess i have more stairs than you! :redface:
Student in the Laboratory, Lancaster University
Lancaster University

Hey everyone! Im in Fylde, in A16 House 68-Lytham.Anyone in my flat? With all these musicians around, i hope Fylde becomes the party central!
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Heya neighbour =) I'm on same floor on Lytham too, A31! I guess thats just around the corner Kirsty xD
Yay - more people from Lytham!
Hey hey RyanT,u met anyone else on our floor yet? Blonde at heart, what floor are u on? How many flats are there on each floor does anyone know?
Im D14 so Im guessing thats top floor?
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I'm in Fylde and I live near Lancaster now. So if anyone wants a tour, tourguide Rachel is here. Lol I know all the best nights out. anyway u all excited about coming?
You living at home Rachy?
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ooooooo i think i mite take u up on ur offer rachy!
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I am living at home yea. bless me. i'l end up spendin most of my time on campus though. lol. although if theres parties on I just wont go home!
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Hey Rach I go out to Liquid Windsor pretty much every week, is the one in Lancaster good???
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The one in Lancaster is pretty good yea! Its a bit out the way though, i'l have 2 show u where it is. theres quite a lot of good places really depending on what u like. One condition though, I can get you all there bt I will definitely need carrying
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lol but that won't work coz none of us will know the way back!!! soooo gonna 'try' and not get too drunk on first few days of threshers coz my hang overs are sooooo bad and wud end up killing anyone that dare try getting me out of bed before 12 the next day :biggrin:
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I dont get hangovers, I just get very drunk. theres a possibility I could direct back 2 the uni, just cant walk it. lol. I'm off into Lancaster 2nite which will be a laugh anyway!! U all set 4 comin then?
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lucky you! lol hope you have a good one tonight. I turned down goin out tonight to play 6 a side football god knows why totally dead! dunno if i am ready for uni feel like i shud totally be doin more preperation than i have but can't think of much recone will remember it all last minute or in the car on the 6 hour drive!!!! :afraid:
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my friend leaves for leeds on saturday and she hasn't even started packing yet.. i'll have to start packing next week.

oh and has anybody got ideas on the fancy dress for sports starts and supporters night?!
and are girls wearing dresses to the freshers' dinner?!
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Isn't one of the theme nights 999? If so that is totally brilliant becoz girls will be coming as nurses, police women, life guards pure genius who ever thought that theme up!! lol :nurse:
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i heard that but not read it anywhere so not got that costume sorted!!

actually i just re-read it and found it - oh bugger!!
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i recone coming as a life guard is the easiest but i've heared about the weather up north lol soooo much effort getting a costume together, recone its better to get stuff sorted before or when you get there? ladies like the firemen yeah? lol
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wots all this bout sports party thing - ive not got it written on anythin anywhere :confused: