Traveling or moving which is better?

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Can you please identify what is the better and more logical option from my situation as I'm unsure. I start university end of September. It's about 45 min drive away from me (I live in Bournemouth and it's southampton uni) so I either continue living in Bournemouth and travel to Southampton or live in Southampton and pay full rent. Ideally id like to stay close to my family.

It's £12 a return every day and probably just over that in petrol going there and back (I have a 4.6 car that I'm thinking of selling and buying a smaller one) I am unsure how many days a week I have lectures yet. I also have to pay my mum 20 a week rent if I continue living here. However this covers everything including all food and meals and toiletries.

So if I had lectures 4 days a week that's £48 on the train and £20 to my mum which amounts to £68 outgoings a week and 272 a month. Currently I get 550 student loan and grant (that's with my travel bursary divided and added too)

I'm sure rent in a shared house would be similar to that amount plus the added expense of food bills toiletries etc or would it not?

Someone advise me please

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