What exactly do uni's consider re-sits?

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The title of the thread may sound odd but I'll try to explain what I mean.

It's not unknown that universities look less favorably on students who have re sat their A-Levels but I'm a little uncertain as to what they mean by disliking re-sits because it could either mean...

*They don't like students who re sit a few AS modules with their A2 exams e.g somebody who wanted to re-sit an AS module alongside their A2 exams in the next year.
*They don't like students who when given their AS results decide to re-sit the year completely and re-do them all e.g a student who re-did all 4 AS subjects taken in the first year without continuing with A2.


*They dislike both of these?

I'm asking as I'm going to apply for Pharmacy. However if I wanted to do this I'd have to re-sit some AS modules e.g f322 Chemistry A in my second year of A-levels along with my A2 exams.

(To give some insight to anybody willing to give advice, what I'm considering doing is dropping Physics AS with no re-sits, continuing with Maths to A2 with some module re-sits and continuing with Chemistry to A2 with one module re-sit. Which is quite commonly done but my only concern is that I then want to re-sit Biology (not including ISA's) and postpone my Biology A2 til the next year as my teachers are advising I don't do too many Biology exams at the same time.) Basically will re-sitting just one AS subject hinder me too greatly? Even if I'm carrying on with the others?
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It usually means they don't want people taking 3 years to complete an A2 but are fine with people resitting AS modules within that time. For absolute certainty, you should contact the university and ask them.

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