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SITS e-vision Portal

As it says in the UEA accommodation letter (at least in mine), from 11th September registered students will be able to logon to the SITS e-vision Portal and on the Finance Page to be able to view on-line details of the account including any invoices outstanding, make a payment on-line and set up a Direct Debit to make future payments.

The URL to the portal is:

So... is anyone even 'registered' (have a username and password) and hence able to logon? I would like to arrange the financial stuff (payment for accommodation etc.), but I haven't been informed about the logon details, yet.

I think that the UEA Student Ref. No. is supposed to be the username...
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I think you have to get there first and then you register and then you can log on......methinks.
Students outside halls at University of East Anglia (UEA)
University of East Anglia
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not logical though...why would they make it accessible form the 11th then/
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For other people? I'm not really sure to be honest. Maybe for the international students?
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well, I don't have a password or anything either :P
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Nopes. Nothing. It's pants.
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pants, indeed.
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Big white granny pants.
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Nooo, I got those in light-brown with white stripes...

Or rather, that SITS e-vision Portal is available for old students (if not all UEA students, exluding me)
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Well, I certainly can't logon with my usual UEA password, or my CMP network one.
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Is this some new fangled piece of technology that UEA have started using (I've never heard of it)? If so, its bound not to work first time round!
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it's very intermittent.. sometimes i can log in and now when i need to actually change something, i can't. probably not gonna get my loan for ages now. :frown: