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Playing Poker at Lancaster

Do many people play poker at Lancaster, im a keen player and would be hopeful of getting a few games together

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No doubts there will be a fair few games with the guys round your halls.

First year was all about Game of Life b2b Monopoly personally.
Student in the Laboratory, Lancaster University
Lancaster University
I'm always up for a game. There's a poker club for the slightly better players! But you'd do well to win, top prize is often in the hundreds.
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Blimey, what are the stakes for them winnings?
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I'm into my poker, i'll look forward to taking all your money!
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Although im not very good at poker, i love to play and other card games. Pretty much what me and my friends did all the time when i had free periods at college.
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same at our sixth form!!
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u summed up year 12 for me
It was a tenner to buy in when i used to play. About 50 people each week. First week it was a fiver with rebuys, and about 100 people turned up, and it was a massive prize.
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Count me in then!!
Dave, will you pleeeease let me know if you're in my flat in Grange?!!

And something more on topic...anyone up for strip poker? I'm really bad at it :wink:
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lol, good call emma :smile:
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poker club was on mondays last year, the buy in was £10 but you could do re-buys. Total pot used to sometimes get to £700-£800 the times i went.
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Don't like re-buys, that just means greedy people keep piling their dosh in till they win. I say if ya lose ya lose
They bump the pot up though, but I do agree with no re-buys, defeats the point of the game
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yeh re-buys arent good, just means that the rich chinese can have another go. It does increase the pot though, but its just harder playing poker against someone that can just re-buy if they lose....