im considering breaking up, its just not the same anymore Watch

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so i was first introduced to netflix a few years ago. it was initially a rebound coming from Lovefilm whom he actually got through a chance encounter at a train station.

anyway, i could tell netflix was different straight away. the layout, the interface, and the selection- it was all soooo good! But with netflix, it never got boring, I thought it was the one. so we've together for a few years now, but recently there have been some changes which I dont like.

First of all it keeps trying to shove Facebook integration down my throat, and every time I ignore it, it just comes back stronger:mad:
secondly, it has removed some of the programming i liked, whilst i didnt watch those much, they were worth the occasional browse, and now I cant.
thirdly, i notice a general trend of changes, such as the subtle changing of the logo.
fourthly, following on, there is a definite trend of creating original programming over buying established series. i dont like this.

I think it may be time to jump ship to Amazon Instant. Sorry Netflix, it has been fun, and you were always there for me, but recently you've changed, and you're not the same thing I fell in love with.
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Why not be simpler and use A And B...

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