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Anyone know about which accommodation hall they've been allocated?: Post yours here!

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<<PLEASE NOTE THAT WE ARE CURRENTLY EXPERIENCING PROBLEMS WITH THE ONLINE ENROLMENT PORTAL. We hope to have the system back online shortly but please check this page for updates. (13:00 Thurs 7th Sept 2006) >>

I guess they are still having problems and haven't fixed it yet :mad:
Students on campus at the University of Warwick
University of Warwick
That was 4 days ago... i think theyve just forgot to update that message.
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I want to know where I'm living :frown:
its up but its really really SLOW! must meen hecka ppl are using it and if it overloads (which is had many times when I was checking my UC B and Cornell acceptance letters it crashed like 3 minutes later)
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Really - all I get is a yellow screen. Maybe I'll try with IE, I'm that desperate :cool:
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Nope - it didn't happen :frown:
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Tried both Firefox and IE.

Its slow with both but firefox takes longer to get to the error message
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i hope they get it sorted by morning...its not like we havent waited enough already!:p:
May sound (or look) a bit silly, but could Warwick be using GMT? We're still on Daylight Saving Time, so we're an hour ahead. :biggrin:

It might work in 20 minutes time! :wink:

EDIT: Oh well. It WAS a silly idea as it's still not working, but at least I'm not waiting for 5 minutes for the error screen to come up... :biggrin:
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^I just read that on the Warwick forum and about to post the same thing. Let's just hope and see if it's true.
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Fine, it'll wait another 6 minutes!!

I don't think it's going to work though, I think they were having issues and if they had fixed it you'd assume they would remove the message (before you got a login screen, so I don't think it's up at all).
i think we will have to figure out tomorrow or at weird times when on one will go on and check aka next week
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well its still not working...
This is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo unprofessional !!!!!!!!
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now its a white screen... hmm still error msgs though.
Warwick is playing little games with us you saw a white screen? i seen yellow, blue and orange.. it seems like who gets all the colors of the rainbow can start the enrolmeny
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LOL... that actually cheered me up :smile:
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Lol, I was asleep at about half 11 last night... glad I didn't stay awake just for this. :P
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They said that they would fix the problem in the normal office time today, which begins at 9 (i.e. 2 minutes), but then I reckon they may still take 5-10 minutes to sort the problem out.

Patience is a virtue that is being tested here.
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Laptop... overheating... and... battery... dead. *Switches computer*