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Need a bit of help in working through this. Here's the instructions :

Plan 2 ways to determine the conc of a solution of sulphuric acid. One method has to be measuring volume of gas.

Use following chemicals in experiment :
Aqueous sulphuric acid (approx 10 mol-3)
Solid magnesium carbonate
Aqueous sodium hydroxide (conc 0.1mol-3)
Indicator of your choice
Diastilled or deionised water.

I'm pretty poor at chemistry so any help is very much appreciated.
Important questions that bother me are :

I know that the other method is titration but what suitable indicator to use and the colour change?

For collecting the gas you use a syringe right then take the amount of gas lost when the reaction has finished but then how do you work out the conc of sulphuric acid?

What can I say about the deionised water for chemical knowledge?

Any other information is a extra bonus for me
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Oh 1 more thing how much magnesium carbonate is a suitable amount? I know it has to be in excess but still unclear as to by how much.
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I'm doing this at the moment
Indicator to use would be phenolphthalein I'm pretty sure as it is strong base and acid. Colourless to pink is colour change I think corect me if I'm wrong as I've still to get that far on my mine.
Maybe I'll answer the others later. Hope that helps a bit.
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