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Hey people,

So i have done my research on product design and there are various different courses/degrees available could you help my clarify what are the main difference between these.

-Product Design Bsc/BA
-Product Design Engineering BSc/BEng
-Product Design and Manufacture BSc
-Manufacturing Engineering BSc/BEng
-Industrial Design/ and technology BA/ BSc

and any others you may know of?

so what are the difference between each of these courses?
which would you recommend? i.e best degree for job prospects pay etc?

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I'm in exactly the same boat - completely stuck between BA/BSc/BEng because of course they are so different, but I dont understand whats so particular about each category specifically. I can barely find research for examples and a lot of products overlap sectors easily.

Is the Industrial Design and Technology with Brunel? I've recently received this email from them:

Difference between BSc Product Design and BA Industrial Design and Technology
Firstly, it is worth pointing out that Brunel Design is renowned for the way in which all our design students, on BA and BSc courses, have substantial technological content within their courses which allows them, for example to build prototypes with mechanical, electrical and electronic functions as well as having the appearance of finished designs. This technical knowledge is also part of the employment success of our graduates. BA and BSc students share 60% of the course content in years one and two. The final year allows more specialisation. During the first and second years BA students learn about mechanical engineering and electronics in a more practical, hands-on way, whereas BSc students will learn more theory and use formulae and calculation as part of their design process.
So to reiterate, both sets of students on these programmes (BA and BSc) end up with distinctive technical design knowledge and skills.
Difference between Product Design and Product design Engineering

The Product Design (PD) and Product Design Engineering (PDE) programmes are very similar. The Product Design Engineering course is probably the most engineering oriented of the three courses, where students can select to study Advanced CAD and manufacturing modules in the final year. The difference is in the final year, when the choice of modules is different. All students study Innovation Management and do a self selected Major project. PDE students all study Computer Aided Design Methods and a choice of two others, while PD students study Human Factors and a choice of two others. Typically PDE students will be more engineering orientated in their choice of Major Project and option modules. The title of the degree will also indicate to future employers that the student has a strong combination of both Design and Engineering knowledge and skills.

Hope this helps!

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