Should i resit tho whole AS year or resit all AS units whilst doing A2? Watch

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Should i resit tho whole AS year or resit all AS units whilst doing A2?.Which will be better off and most likely get me good grades?
I got DDDC at AS. Im quite smart just lazy and didnt revise enough. This is a real kick up the bum.

I did maths chem bio and RS.

Should i resit the year or resit all units with A2. Also consider no jan exams so it will be 12-18 exams only in june and applying for uni. It will be hell.

Im aiming for minimum all B's

Please help.. Which one should i so.. I have no one in my family to give me advice on this

I posted it here as i want experienced opinions
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Hi Nimmy

Firstly I would like to reassure the you will not the only one that underperform at AS, due to the shear step from GCSE to AS and as I can see most of the subject you opted are very difficult and notorious for their step-up.

I think the decision you need to made rest of couple of factors

Firstly what future career path you intend to follow, because if you want to study Medicine/Dentistry/Veterinary Science, then to repeat a year would be detrimental to your application.... But if you are applying for others degree and you can reflect off this experience and reflect what you have learned from this experience in your PS, I don't think it would hinder your application in any way.

Secondly, I think you need to ask yourself the question of what is the effect of stress on you, as you mention the large amount of exams you need to resit, as everyone react slightly to stress. For some people, they will be prone to disintegrate under stress, while some people can used stress as a motivation tools...Which ones of the above applied to you the most.

Thirdly, what would your teacher realistically willing to predict you with your AS results... Would those predicted grades fulfill the minimum requirement of the subject you want to study at the university of your choice... Or would it be better to resit the year and achieve better results and subsequently predicted grades and widen your scope of your university choice.

Speaking from personal experience, I retook 3 AS exams when I was in A2, that retaking your AS exams on top of your A2 study is hard work and having done A2 Biology and Chemistry, I can assure you that A2 is more difficult and time-consuming than AS, especially in Chemistry.... ---Marvel

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