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(Original post by Everdawn)
Here is a summer in Australia:

You are fine in the 43C heat in your air conditioning- UNTIL IT BREAKS DOWN becuase everyone else in the state is doing hte same thing. Around the neighbourhood can be heard cries and swearing from all households "f**ing Energex!" "Bloody hell!" "Im gonna kill the *******s" (yes hello to you to Mr Helsingly!) etc. So you think, this is cool, the fans still work-NO THEY ARE OUT TOO. Well, so here your family is, on the veranda, scantily clad with the sprinkler running over you. Finally the goddam sun is too hot that it begins to heat the water which is in the sprinkler.

"Right" says dad "Thats it! We are going to the beach!"
"Yay" you cry and gather up your stuff, go out to the car, open it and WHAT THE HELL INFERNO IS THIS?! You are taken aback by the heat escaping the car. You older brother vailantly sacrifices himself to start the air-con in the car. You pray he isnt burned alive.

Good, its been 5 min. And your brother is still alive and saying, ok guys lets go. So you jump in the car a little too quickly which gives the hot metal on the seat belt just enough time to brand you. Grumbling you all squeese into the car (surfboards strapped sercurely atop) and are off to the beach. Only to discover every man and his dog has had the same idea. The traffic is congested for an hour (but its cool, coz the air con in the car is working!).

Finally you reach the destination, the beach. Everything is great until you hit the sand -HOT BLOODY SAND! And you participate in what is called "the hop" which is where you hop all the way down the beach lay out your towel stand on it strip down to your togs, pick up your board and make the mad dash to the haven which is the cool water.

Home isnt a bad trip either, (you parked in the shade) athe car air con works, traffic is fine and by the time you get home the power is back on.

I have the same problem in spain.....
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I wouldnt change it for the world!

My aunt lives down the road, but her pool sometimes too hot to swim in, usually its fine though. Brisbane is right on the sea, but there is no beach becuase ... well i have no idea why, i suppose its not safe to swim until you get further north. My grandparents live right beachfront so thats cool as well!
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(Original post by Dude)
In my opinion, Summer is very hot and i mean that in two things.

1.) The season summer is hot

2.) and Summer of The O.C is hot
lol, she is so rubbish at acting
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