steer 2014/2015
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Are you starting at the University of Stirling this September? If so, you might like to register for a STEER Mentor or Buddy.

STEER is a peer to peer scheme at the University that provides support for students in their first year at the University. You are in your first year whether in the first year of an undergraduate degree, you have taken direct-entry to the second or third year of an undergraduate degree or you are starting a new post-graduate course of study.

Mentors are allocated to new undergraduate students and will normally be at a higher level of study to you in the same or a similar discipline of study. Your mentor can support you in your transition to University and answer any questions you have. Your mentor will also be able to provide some basic study support.

A buddy is normally allocated to a new postgraduate student at the University. Your buddy will usually be at a lower level of study than you and consequently they will not provide study support. A buddy can be particularly helpful for a student arriving from abroad who may benefit from some support in their arrival in a new environment.

There is nothing too small to talk to your mentor/buddy about and if you register early, you will be able to talk to them by email before you arrive in Stirling.

To register for a mentor/buddy now, select the option under the 'Studying at Stirling' tab on your portal.

For more information, visit our website or email us: [email protected]
steer 2014/2015
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It is never too late to apply for a mentor you can apply anypoint throughout the semester and I think what needs to be explained better isthat steer is at its heart support provided for students by students all ofwhom have been in your shoes before they've experienced how stressfuluniversity life can be. All I can say is that while some of you may bereluctant to consider the scheme it can be extremely invaluable to have someonein the background that you can email or contact in any way the two of you decidewhether it is meeting up in a café for a chat if you're stressed (we've allbeen there and it does help to vent) or if you decide all you need is someoneover email, text, Facebook etc. that you can ask general questions to we'llsupport you in whatever way we can it’s our job to make sure that the peoplewho use our service get the best out of their first year and are set up to besuccessful in their following years at Stirling.

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